ROKOCO is the central point of contact for all questions regarding your occupational pension system.
Numerous Institutions for Occupational Retirement Provision (IORP) rely on our services and software solutions to assist in pension provisions.
The relevant calculations can be carried out by our actuaries or you can utilise our software yourself to analyse data.
We analyse obligations and assets.

Regulatory Requirements

The implementation of the IORP II Directive for the pension fund (Pensionskasse) and the pension fund (Pensionsfonds) in Germany on January 13, 2019 substantially increased regulatory requirements. It poses significant challenges for the pension fund (Pensionskasse) and the pension fund (Pensionsfonds) in a variety of areas. Among other things, the IORP II Directive requires you for the first time to carry out an independent assessment of your own risk situation (ERB), which is performed by the management together with an independent risk manager.
With the help of our software tool PLA.NET, our team of experienced actuaries and IVS-certified actuarial pension experts can support you in preparing the ERB.

Responsible Actuary

The pension fund (Pensionskasse) and the pension fund (Pensionsfonds) are required to have an appointed independent responsible actuary by the Insurance Supervision Act (VAG).
We can do this for you! We meet all regulatory requirements for this role and have many years of experience in actuarial support for the pension fund (Pensionskasse) und the pension fund (Pensionsfonds).

Asset Liability Management

Asset Liability Management (ALM) studies and forecasts are important and very valuable tools for Institutions for Occupational Retirement Provision (IORP) and professional pension funds.

These studies and forecasts make it possible to recognise undesirable developments as well as their resulting interplays early on and to thus take appropriate measures if necessary.

We can prepare complete ALM studies and forecast calculations in close cooperation with all departments concerned or can support you in setting up a customised ALM model.
ROKOCO has developed PLA.NET to model insurance companies. Results can be achieved very quickly with the standard model and any company-specific conditions are easily adaptable. With our tool and the expertise of experienced actuaries, all mathematical issues of the (occupational) pension system can be solved seamlessly.


PLA.NET is a modern software tool for the valuation of pension obligations according to German and international law. Any company-specific conditions are easily adaptable due to its modular structure.
Because of the extensive possibilities for the parameterisation of complex pension commitments, PLA.NET is used by well-known insurance companies for ALM studies, forecast calculations or the independent assessment of a company’s own risk situation. We ourselves also use PLA.NET for preparation of expert opinions. (more Software)
Trust in the future with competence, experience and technology.
We advise companies, tax consultants and auditors as well as shareholder managers in matters of accounting, risk assessment and the design of company pension solutions in the direct commitment and provident fund implementation channels.
You too can benefit from our network of actuaries, tax consultants, lawyers and fund experts.

Actuarial Reports and Projections

We evaluate pension obligations and comparable long-term obligations such as anniversary payments, semiretirement agreements, working time accounts, etc. in accordance with the provisions of national commercial and tax law, as well as international accounting standards.

For pension commitments subject to insolvency insurance, we can prepare the short opinion certificate on the contribution assessment basis for the employer to report to the German Pension Protection Association (Pensions-Sicherungs-Verein).

In addition, we prepare actuarial reports for the purpose of determining a purchase price in transactions or as an independent second opinion.
For the long-term balance sheet and liquidity planning of companies, we forecast pension obligations and perform sensitivity analyses under various assumptions.

We assist in the selection of appropriate accounting bases and validate them with the help of statistical methods.

Administration of Pension Schemes

We provide administrative services such as benefit calculations in the event of retirement, severance payment calculations or pension adjustments of current benefits.

We prepare benefit statements on the level of entitlements already achieved and those likely to be achieved upon reaching retirement age.
In pension equalisation proceedings, we support the pension providers with requests for information from the courts and carry out the actuarial valuation of the rights from the occupational pension system.

Establishment of Security-Linked Direct Commitments

The occupational pension system offers numerous advantages compared with statutory and private pension schemes. ROKOCO is your partner for an attractive, digital and cost-efficient occupational pension system solution.

Our Proposal For Your Pension
  • Defined contribution plan in the form of a direct commitment
  • Matching financing of pension benefits via a fund and ETF portfolio
  • Flexible tax-free contribution payments by the company and/or via deferred compensation
  • Free choice of form of payment (lump sum, installments, or pension)
  • Downstream taxation of the pension benefit upon payout
  • Generally no impact on HGB balance sheet due to offsetting requirement for security-linked pension commitments
With Attractive Capital Investments
  • Investment in constantly optimised fund portfolios via a standardised digital robo-advisory solution
  • Broadly diversified investment universe in terms of risk, regions, currencies and asset classes
  • Selection of different portfolios possible according to individual risk preference
  • Protection of investment risks through a guarantee promise from the company
  • Insolvency protection of the pension scheme through a pledge of the investments
  • Favourable investment conditions and partial tax exemption of investment income for company investors

Labour and Tax Law

Occupational pension systems are multifaceted and require the cooperation of various areas of specialisation. We complement our actuarial expertise with cooperation with renowned lawyers and tax advisors specialising in the field of the occupational pension system. There exist characteristic issues concerning the introduction or reorganisation of pension commitments and their consequences under labour and tax laws.
We coordinate the cooperation of the various disciplines and remain the central contact for you.